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Santa’s New Christmas Blog

Santa’s elves have been buzzing with excitement in their computer workshop. It is hard work keeping up with today’s high tech kids, but the elves at have something magical up their little sleeves to thrill Santa’s many fans this year.

“So many children want to know everything about Santa Claus, Christmas and life at the North Pole. That is why we created a Christmas Blog just for Santa.” said Santa’s Head Elf, who is also the CEO (Christmas Elf Online) at

Children visiting the blog can log on for updates from Santa Claus. Santa has promised to answer the real questions kids ask, such as, how old is Santa Claus; if someone is on the Naughty or Nice List; and, whether Santa exists. Kids can also leave comments for Santa and other kids in the safe environment of the North Pole.

“Children have been emailing me for over a decade, but through my blog I can now talk to all of them at once about the magic of the Holidays and the North Pole. And the children leave such wonderful messages. Better than cookies!” said Santa Claus, laughing like a bowlful of jelly. “This blog fills me with the Christmas spirit, which is something everyone needs a little more of this year.”

Santa has even promised live blog updates Christmas Eve for all his fans, between cookie breaks and delivering presents naturally. And, of course, Santa still gives a personal reply faster than reindeer fly to everyone who emails him Christmas Eve or any other day of the year.

About began in 2010 when Santa’s Head Elf’s niece and nephews could not mail their letters to Santa Claus due to the high cost of postage stamps. Solely from word of mouth, over 1,000 emails to Santa were received in a few short weeks. Now celebrating yet another year on-line, is expecting to receive a sackful of emails to Santa Claus again this year. Kids can also check out the Naughty and Nice List, Santa’s photo albums, Christmas webcams around the world, the countdown clock to when Santa arrives at their house and track Santa Christmas Eve.


About Santa

Ho Ho Ho! Santa here ... Thanks for visiting. It gets a bit lonely here at the North Pole with just Mrs Claus, elves and reindeer for company + what with all that snow and polar bears, we don't get out much - except for the night before Christmas of course! We'd love to show you around SANTA'S WORKSHOP where the elves are busy making toys & gifts for Christmas and now we've got the Internet we love getting email! So thanks for dropping by and don't forget to EMAIL SANTA what you want for Christmas!

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