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It’s Nearly Christmas…


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Ho Ho Ho! Santa here ... Thanks for visiting. It gets a bit lonely here at the North Pole with just Mrs Claus, elves and reindeer for company + what with all that snow and polar bears, we don't get out much - except for the night before Christmas of course! We'd love to show you around SANTA'S WORKSHOP where the elves are busy making toys & gifts for Christmas and now we've got the Internet we love getting email! So thanks for dropping by and don't forget to EMAIL SANTA what you want for Christmas!

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2 thoughts on “It’s Nearly Christmas…

  1. ryan says:

    what is santa phone number

    1. Santa says:

      Sorry Ryan, Santa does not give out his phone number. As you can imagine if he did everyone would be phoning him and nothing would get done at the North Pole and Christmas would have to be cancelled!

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