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Email Santa What You Want For Christmas

Santa in his sleigh with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Send a Message to Santa and get a FREE email reply from Santa. It’s easy! Simply tell Santa your name, age, and what you really want for Christmas. Remember to tell him if you’ve been especially good this year to make sure you’re on Santa’s nice list. You can also ask Santa anything you like about life at the North Pole. Not sure what you want for Christmas? Be sure to check out Santa’s Gift Shop. Ready to get started?

  • Tell Santa about yourself: your age, are you a boy or girl, your hobbies, family, school, ambitions etc.
  • Tell Santa what you really want for Christmas
  • Ask Santa Anything
  • Have you been good this year?

About Santa

Ho Ho Ho! Santa here ... Thanks for visiting. It gets a bit lonely here at the North Pole with just Mrs Claus, elves and reindeer for company + what with all that snow and polar bears, we don't get out much - except for the night before Christmas of course! We'd love to show you around SANTA'S WORKSHOP where the elves are busy making toys & gifts for Christmas and now we've got the Internet we love getting email! So thanks for dropping by and don't forget to EMAIL SANTA what you want for Christmas!

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17 thoughts on “Email Santa What You Want For Christmas

  1. Rami says:

    I always wanted a elf and I want a wobble bubble and a dirt bike and a regular bike

  2. laci says:

    what can you name your elf

  3. Emmawheldon says:

    What can I have for Christmas

  4. jamie says:

    i need to see you this christmas because some people don’t believe in you but i do oh and by the way bring me an accoustic guitar with a pick.

  5. Kyra says:

    Dear santa this is what i really want for christmas…….
    1. 3 wheeler bike
    2. Sims 3 university life
    3. Sims 3 world adventures
    4. Real microphone
    5. Iphone 4s or iphone 5
    6, ipod touch
    7. Battery for samsung galaxy s2
    Please give me those things my address is xxxx xxxx drive (address hidden for security purposes)

  6. Harrison says:

    Dear Santa,

    How are the preparations and decorations going? Hope you’re doing well.

  7. ryan says:

    i want a drum set and a tv that straps on the back of your seat when your traveling

  8. helen moller says:

    yes i bin a real good girl

    i get ssi but it only pays for all the bills only after the bills i don’t have any money left to get anything i need real need like foods and clothes xl or lx or 2x or shos i real wish i can get some help pls i am need of stuff real bad i don’t have any 🙁 i am poor and brok i ware hole clothes and shoes hole i real wish somebody can real help me pls i real love eeyore and dreamcatcher and wwe and Spongebob and leopard and angels and Dragonfly and ladybug and forg and Looney Tunes and teddy bear and betty boop and disney and cartoons

    1. Santa says:

      Helen – Look on the bright side – you do not say you are ill so I assume you have your health which is something money cannot buy. You may be broke but you are rich in imagination …

  9. taikos 19 11 says:

    noriu dovanu

    1. Santa says:

      Merry Christmas – It’s a gift!

  10. brooke says:

    dear santa for christmas I want a pair of black boots and a dress with a snowflake on it please and thank you merry chirstmas santa clause

    1. Santa says:

      Brooke – If you are real good you are sure to get what you most desire

  11. Morganne says:

    How are you your so cool

    1. Santa says:

      Morganne – Yes it is pretty cold here at the North Pole which makes it so much easier to be cool…

  12. amrhokie says:

    I was wondering if u know 4 of these elves named Benjamen,Sam,Snowflake, and Justin?

    1. Santa says:

      Do you mean –

      Benjamen alias “binjamminallnight”
      Samalias “samethespam”
      Snowflake alias “frostyflakey”
      Justin alias “justintimeforchristmas”

      If so, yes I know them all well. Other Elves you may know include:

      • Chocolate-Tinsel
      • Cuddly Brandy Butter-Cracker
      • Cutie Berry Gnome
      • Cutie Berry-Elf
      • Cutie Brandy-butter Helper
      • Cutie Dancing-Fairy
      • Cutie Dancing-Gnome
      • Cutie Dancing-Tinker
      • Cutie Holly Snowdrop
      • Cutie Horny-Elf
      • Cutie Hot-Elf
      • Cutie Hot-Pie
      • Cutie Monster-Pie
      • Cutie Scrooge-Fairy
      • Cutie Scrooge-Tinsel
      • Cutie-Berry Fairy
      • Cutie-Nose Gnome
      • Frosty-Nose Pie
      • Fuzzy Baby-Bum
      • Fuzzy Baby-Cracker
      • Fuzzy Berry-Bum
      • Fuzzy Berry-Gnome
      • Fuzzy Berry-Noodles
      • Fuzzy Brandy Butter-Sprout
      • Fuzzy Bunny-Baubles
      • Fuzzy Bunny-Elf
      • Fuzzy Chocolate-Fairy
      • Fuzzy Dancing Baubles
      • Fuzzy Dancing Elf
      • Fuzzy Dancing-Bum
      • Fuzzy Dancing-Gnome
      • Fuzzy Dancing-Noodle
      • Fuzzy Horny Helper
      • Fuzzy Horny-Sprout
      • Fuzzy Hot-Noodles
      • Fuzzy Hot-Tummy
      • Fuzzy –Noodles
      • Fuzzy-Snotty-Elf
      • Giggley Brandy Butter-Cheeks
      • Giggley Horny-Fairy
      • Happy Horney-Sprout
      • Happy Hot-Fairy
      • Happy Monster Pie
      • Lovable Dancing-Baubles
      • Lovable-Scrooge-Tummy
      • Love Noodles
      • Lucky Berry-Elf
      • Lucky Brandy Butter-Helper
      • Lucky Bunny-Tummy
      • Lucky Chilly-Fairy
      • Lucky Christmas-Noodles
      • Lucky Floppy-Fairy
      • Lucky Horny-Helper
      • Lucky Scrooge-Noodles
      • Scrummy Christmas-Tummy
      • Trumpy Monster-Noodles
      • Tumbleflump Berry-Tummy
      • Tumbleflump Chocolate-Sprout
      • Tumbleflump Christmas-Cracker
      • Tumbleflump Dancing Bum
      • Tumbleflump Dancing Fairy
      • Tumbleflump Horny-Elf
      • Tumbleflump Hot-Fairy
      • Tumbleflump Monster-Elf
      • Tumbleflunk Dancing
      • Wriggly Monster-Gnome

      To get your own Elf name visit the,uk website here and pick your very own elf name. Here’s the link:

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