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Countdown to Christmas

Countdown to Christmas

The Christmas Countdown Begins on December 1st

The countdown to Christmas has officially started at Santa Santa Claus now that Santa Claus is back from his Summer Holidays!

Already Santa’s little helpers; the Elves; are busy in Santa’s Workshop making toys and gifts for everyone on Santa’s nice list, so Santa Claus and his reindeer sleigh can deliver sackfuls of Christmas gifts in the early hours of the morning of 25th December Christmas Day.

When do the Twelve Days of Christmas start?

The 12 twelve days of Christmas are the festive days beginning the first day of Christmas 25th December; known also as Christmas Day, Christmastide or Twelvetide depending where you live.

The 12th Twelfth Day of Christmas is 5th January with Twelfth night being celebrated on the evening of January 5th, at the end of which all your Christmas decorations must be taken down.

The 12 Twelve Days of Christmas (and nights) are celebrated in different ways around the world. For example, in some parts of the world, giving and receiving gifts is traditional on Christmas Day only, whilst in other parts gifts are exchanged on Twelfth Night only; and in some part, gifts are given on each of the 12 twelve nights ; IF you’ve been especially good all year and are on Santa Claus’ extra special nice list!

At Santa Santa Claus we’ve got something special planned for EVERY day of the 12 days of Christmas from 25th December to 5th January – so make sure you check back here on Christmas Day for an extra special surprise. Before that though we’ve got a super Santa Santa Claus Advent Calendar for you starting on 1st December through to 24th December. Watch this space!


About Santa

Ho Ho Ho! Santa here ... Thanks for visiting. It gets a bit lonely here at the North Pole with just Mrs Claus, elves and reindeer for company + what with all that snow and polar bears, we don't get out much - except for the night before Christmas of course! We'd love to show you around SANTA'S WORKSHOP where the elves are busy making toys & gifts for Christmas and now we've got the Internet we love getting email! So thanks for dropping by and don't forget to EMAIL SANTA what you want for Christmas!

5 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas

  1. Nathaniel says:

    Santa’s posts can be more detailed descriptions of Santa’s preparations for Christmas, or you can get creative and have Santa comment on reports from the elves about how your children are behaving – naughty or nice.

  2. amlia says:

    As i can imagine; and you are sure i i have a pretty good imagination.

  3. paige says:

    Dear Santa, I believe in you and the magic of Christmas. But my friends keep teasing me and telling that you are not real or it`s just your parents who buy the present`s and put it under the tree. I know that the elves help you make the toys and wrap the presents every year for Christmas. Also the reindeer help you pull your sleigh every year. How can I get my friends to believe in you and stop teasing me? please help thanks,

    1. Santa says:

      Dear Paige

      I get that a lot; emails asking me if I am real or just made up. So I am “really made up” (pardon the pun) to hear you do believe in Santa Claus, AND not just in me, but also in the magic of Christmas!

      As for your friends teasing you that Santa is not real, and telling you it’s just your parents buying presents and putting them under the tree; don’t listen to them. Tell them they must be on my naughty list if they’ve not had a visit from the real Santa Claus.

      I always know when a child has been naughty or nice. If they’ve been good and deserve to be on my nice list, those children can expect me, the REAL Santa Claus to visit their home on Christmas Eve and leave presents under the Christmas tree.

      As you already know the elves help me make the toys for Christmas and the elves are very busy just now as we have an extra long children’s’ nice list this year. Lots of good children have sent an email to Santa Claus to tell me what they want for Christmas. Have you emailed Santa what you want for Christmas yet? It makes my job so much more worthwhile to know that I can bring joy to the world at Christmas!

      As you can imagine; and I am sure you have a pretty good imagination; Christmas keeps Santa very busy here at the North Pole. In fact I must go and exercise the reindeer to make sure they are super fit for pulling my sleigh as we’ve a lot of good children to visit around the world on Christmas Eve.

      Love from Santa Santa Claus (the real Santa )

    2. Mandy Clark says:

      Hello peige.
      Do you get presents every year? If yes then that’s it. If there is no Santa then where your presents come from.
      And also the Santa may be your father, your mother or anyone else that lives together with you.
      Just believe that the Santa real exits and he is the one who besides you!

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